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We are evaluating land parcels to add to our land bank for our investors. Before offering this to general public we wanted to offer this to our existing investors and assess their interest. Please fill out the form below to show your interest as this will help to negotiate a better price.

Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up U.S Farmland

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Our Unique Approach

Value Creation

During the holding period, we enhance the value of our land holdings through strategic land planning, securing favourable entitlements, efficient property tax management, agricultural production management, additional land assembly, managing utility districts, and horizontal development.

High Growth Areas

Foreseeing future growth, we purchase extensive tracts of land at significantly reduced prices compared to those paid by developers in the well-established and thriving submarkets. By acquiring land in high-potential areas early, we position ourselves to reap substantial benefits as the market continues to develop and mature.

Optimal Timing

We strategically plan our land investments 5-7 years in advance, based on a thorough analysis of market demand and high growth paths. By anticipating trends and understanding the evolving needs of the market, we ensure our investments are well-positioned for future success.

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Harshil Shah

Elk Grove, CA
Hello I’m Harshil Shah, I have worked with the Orion team for the last 4 years. I have invested in several deals with them, and their level of communication is amazing. The way they communicate with us every fifteen days or every month that’s really good. Their teamwork is really good, They have a team for several years and the same time their integrity and their honesty towards the customers are really amazing. Orion team, one of the things I really like about the Orion team is data analytics skills, the way they do the data analysis the way they under write their deals, the way they find their deals and the way they execute, those are really good, so I highly encourage everybody to work with Orion and I always going to work with Orion for a long time.

Murali Rajagopal

Grand Rapids, MI
Hi, my name is Murali. I’ve been with Orion since July of 2020. They are a fantastic group of people who understand your financial goals and help with really good Realty investments. I strongly suggest and recommend their service I you’re thinking about growing your wealth. Have a great day.

Nikunj Marvania

Harrison, NJ

Hi my name is Nikunj. I’ve been an investor with Orion for a few years now. I really loved their approach in terms of buying the right properties and operating it tight. Their leadership has a solid track record. What I love about them is that they are honest and transparent in their communication as well. Their track record has been phenomenal, and they continue to put their investors first. Yeah, it’s been a great experience for me and I really have referred a lot of my friends and family to them as well.

Sajith G

San Fransico, CA
I was able to easily navigate the website to access more information on the investment portfolio and even do a virtual tour of the properties before making a decision.

Sathish J

Plano, TX
I invested in two Funds with Orion because I appreciated their data-driven approach to analysis and conservative underwriting. They actively manage every project with a unique and innovative approach to enhance and extract the highest value for their investors. So far, the results have been delightful; the project has outperformed the projections and continues to perform exceptionally well.

Mey M.

McKinney, TX
I like the ability to reach out to Orion RE Capital at any time. Being accessible is key to building trust and relationships. They have a good onboarding process and workflow overall. Great customer service team.

Ramamoorthy Veerachamy

Frisco, TX
They select the assets after thorough due diligence, and I have confidence that those assets would perform well. So far, I am pleased with the performance of the assets I invested in. Instead of investing in a single property, they offered the option of participating in funds that included several properties. Because of this diversification, this would mitigate the risk. Above all, they have been transparent and provided the updates to the investors on time

Dinesh Rajendran

Austin, TX
I was captivated by Orion’s 2021 fund’s selection of properties, so I committed my funds to it. The decision has been remunerative, as the fund has satisfied its promise of 8% returns. I have also invested in the recent Land Fund, which has an exceptional assortment of properties. One of the hallmarks of Orion is its meticulous investment reports. The management team has a distinguished record and goes above and beyond to secure the best returns on your investment.

Anand M

Katy, TX
Their newsletters are a welcome source of summarized information, and their customer service is truly superb.

Dinesh Bhatia

Houston, TX
Very professional, highly experienced team, that works closely, and efficiently with full transparency. Very happy to and satisfied to be an investor in this group.

S. Chokshi

Plano, TX
I recently had the pleasure of working with Orion RE Capital in their multifamily assets and land fund division, and I must say that my experience with them was truly exceptional. From the very beginning, their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence in this specialized field stood out. The team’s dedication to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the process, guiding me through due diligence, negotiations, and paperwork with precision. Their commitment to securing favorable terms and solid returns was commendable. I highly recommend Orion to investors seeking a reliable and knowledgeable partner in multifamily assets and land investments.

Abhishek Sabnis

Frisco, TX
I have had a great experience with OrionRe. The account managers are prompt to respond to queries. The team is very diligent and ethical and caring. They frequently conduct webinars and seminars to keep the investors informed. The team is extremely transparent, knowledgeable and honest. Love investing with OrionRe.