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CPM-COO, United Apartment Group
CPM, President & MD, United Apartment Group

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strategic partners – billion dollar firms

Prasanna Kumar​

CEO & managing director
Prasanna Kumar is the CEO and co-founder of Orion RE Capital. Mr. Kumar has been instrumental in driving actionable business plans to grow the company from grounds up to one of the fastest growing CRE firm in Texas. Mr. Kumar brings 20 years of extensive experience from fortune 500 companies with a proven track record of commercialization, sales and marketing. Prasanna is a double master’s degree graduate with an MS in Computer Science from DePaul U, IL, and an MBA from Tier 1 MBA program from Ross School of Business, Michigan U, MI. Prasanna and his family reside in Frisco, Texas.

shivesh gowda​

CFO & Managing Partner
Shivesh Gowda is the CFO & co-founder of Orion RE Capital . Mr. Gowda has been in the Real Estate Industry for 20 years and is responsible for operations, acquisitions, implementing business strategies and setting comprehensive goals for growth and success. In his previous role, he worked for a Real Estate Law Firm specializing in the mortgage domain and went on to form his mortgage brokerage. Shivesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication and also holds a MBA from University of Texas, Dallas. Shivesh and his family reside in Dallas, Texas.

suresh batchu​

COO & managing partner
Suresh Batchu is the COO and co-founder of Orion RE Capital . Mr. Batchu has over 12 years of experience in active real estate investments: strategic acquisitions, investor management, repositioning and overseeing of Operations of large multifamily assets and other CRE. His multifamily portfolio includes controlling ownership over 1500 units and passively invested in over 2000 units. Suresh holds MS in Computer Science and PMO from Stanford. He spent 25 years in Corporate America working for several Fortune 500 companies. Suresh and his family reside in Houston, TX.

richard harrell​

vP asset manager
Richard Harrell is the VP of Asset Management at Orion RE Capital. Mr. Harrell has been in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for over 20 years and has experience in operations, acquisitions, structuring capital, and portfolio and asset management. Prior to joining the Orion & Nanban, Mr. Harrell served as a Sr. Asset Manager at Wells Fargo Bank Wealth Management. Prior to that he worked in finance and asset management roles at Trammel Crow Residential and CBRE Melody. Mr. Harrell holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Baylor University and an MBA from Texas Christian University’s M.J. Neeley School of Business. Richard and his family reside in Dallas, Texas.

ragu su​

VP investor relations

Ragu is responsible for developing and maintaining investor relationships for Orion RE Capital. He brings more than 25 years of experience managing customer relations with great emphasis on overall customer experience. ​ Ragu is very passionate about financial literacy and willingly shares his knowledge and experience with others. He strongly believes that money should work for us and not the other way around. He brings a much-appreciated level of problem-solving, creativity, and ambition to our team and is a great asset to our organization. Ragu resides with his family in Dallas, TX.

henry stimler

Executive Managing Director, Newmark
Henry Stimler’s core focus is origination and brokerage in multifamily debt and equity, with an emphasis on large portfolio bespoke transactions. He joined Newmark in 2018 at the firm’s Manhattan headquarters. Stimler has had notable success in the Capital Markets field coaxing traditional Tri-State investors into new markets across the United States, such as the Midwest region, Texas and South Florida. However, Stimler’s reach is global: A former resident of Great Britain, France and Israel with insider access to high-net-worth-individuals, he has sourced equity from markets such as London, Tel Aviv and Johannesburg. Stimler is fluent in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Prior to Newmark, Stimler was company Director at London Green Capital, a prolific debt origination firm he founded in 2015.

timothy settles​

CPM-COO, United Apartment Group
Tim Settles, CPM is a Managing Partner and COO of United Core Management, Inc. d.b.a. United Apartment Group Mr. Settles has been in the property management industry for over 30 years. He started United Apartment Group in 1995. His hands on approach and commitment to building long lasting relationships with clients and employees has allowed the company to navigate and grow from 1,000 units in 1995 to over 30,000 units currently. United Apartment Group is currently the largest property management firm in San Antonio, TX. Tim is a graduate of Phillips University where he earned a degree in Accounting. Tim and his family reside in San Antonio, TX.

carrie girgus​

CPM, President & MD, United Apartment Group
Carrie Girgus, CPM is the Managing Partner and President of United Core Management, Inc. d.b.a. United Apartment Group, currently the largest fee management firm in San Antonio. As managing partner, Ms. Girgus is responsible for overseeing and directing the overall operations of a 29,380 multifamily unit portfolio consisting of Senior, Collegiate, Affordable, Conventional, Lease Up and “value add” product in 7 different states for a diverse client base. Ms. Girgus has been in the field of property management for over 25 years having successfully owned and operated two management firms, Encore Capital and Core Group Management
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